Virus Infected People Of Age Less Than 50 Prefer Home Treatment

Virus Infected People Of Age Less Than 50 Prefer Home Treatment

India has seen the second wave of the viruses as troublesome as never before. Whether you call Covid-19 virus or Coronavirus and their variants, you must know few things at first. Old people have to be admitted in the hospitals even if their family members try hard to find empty beds in the hospitals. The old people of the age above 70 or 80 has a 5% chances of recovery. However, the virus infected people of age less than 50 and above 45 preferring home treatments.

People have learned a lot about the virus as it’s been more than a year since the virus Covid-19 reached India.

The idea not to visit any hospital even if virus infected people of age less than 50 have too many symptoms. The reason is clear that they know their Oxygen saturation level needs to be above 94. And so they don’t even bother for testing to find out whether they’re positive or negative. Results might be positive or not. But the symptoms allowing people to act in a different way.

95% of people die of the virus...

The treatment can be you can also use paracetamol, and other tablets, which can make you feel good when you’ve tested positive and a bit healthy. However, your age should be less than 65 years. And if your pulse oximeter shows more than 94 as a figure when you keep your finger inside the device, then you need not worry.

Pulse Oximeter is available at a very low cost around the world. Yes, you need to buy it now. If you tested positive then you should not think that your other family members also will be infected. This is so because you can isolate yourself at your home if your oximeter shows 94 or more. If it’s less than 94, then you need to get hospitalized.

Again, you need to keep yourself isolated in one room and your daily use things should not be reused by your family members. No need to panic, do those things, which pleases you in your self isolation at your home while your oximeter shows 94 or more.

India has registered over 2 Lakh positive cases. And deaths nearly 1100, in the last 24 hours. This is not acceptable because people are least bothered and taking the virus lightly, which is worrying. The gov’ts would provide no more guidance. It’s you for the sake of older people at home should take proper care.

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