Oxygen Tanker Supplying Oxygen To Hospital Leaked As 11 Killed

Oxygen Tanker Supplying Oxygen To Hospital Leaked As 11 Killed

At least 11 patients in NMC hospital at Nashik died because of Oxygen tanker, which supplies Oxygen has leaked. Already the NMC hospital has at least 150 critical patients. And they’re on Oxygen support. Attempts are on to stop the leak while situation becomes worse.

Over 1 Million Covid-19 positive cases in India raised eyebrows in just about 4-5 previous days. The numbers are only increasing as there would be a Tsunami of positive cases in India in April-May, 2021. In the last 24 hours, India recorded a huge spike of Covid-19 positive cases to as much as 2,95,000. And deaths over 2000. If this poor Covid-19 management in India continues then India will leave the USA behind and climb to the top position.

During Donald Trump’s administration the USA was hit hard due to poor Covid-19 fight. Joe Biden started his campaign and he’s so far doing so good to fight against the pandemic. Let’s see how accidents like Oxygen tanker leak and other mishaps will be handled in India under BJP. However, we can only hope the best for the nation to come out from this crises as soon as possible.

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