How They Say To Hurt You

How They Say To Hurt You

People have different opinions about different people. They know not that how they say to hurt you, is not the game of communication but it’s a targeted harassment. And at the same time they prefer to have fun and in the process they isolate someone.  It’s known to them that their misbehaving could be hurting. Yes they sometimes do not tend to respond. Yet, they know how they say needs to be changed.

However, they need to understand the intentions of the person to whom they keep trolling. 

One might forgive things once, twice or thrice. But too many times could be nothing  less than torturing. It’s fun for you but it might be something else for others. This is so because people never understand each other’s choices. It might be like you have something to entertain others and at the same time you’re hurting someone.  

So, when things take time for you to clarify or respond to what you got in the past then you feel uneasy. This haunts you for a longtime and when you get opportunity to clarify to your opponent, who hurt you then what?

Yes Then What?

Yes you can just speak directly and say the things, which had hurt you from those, who damaged your easy life. Unfortunately that person might forget to what you want to remind him or her about how they say to hurt you. And this way you’re fortunate that he or she has forgotten that at some point in the past he or she had cursed or used to torture you. But, there’s a need to change the way we say, right.

Express yourself with a positive intent. So, then move forward. Otherwise, your good behavior and etiquette matters a lot and good manners might be helpful for you to make people forget for what they used to think of you. 

Once, the words spoken out from you might not be changed. A simple apology would be too good. But, here it’s a matter of you at the receiving end. You’ve ample time now to think thanks to the pandemic. Yet, it’s you, who would avoid clarifying because what that person might think of. But, instead of keeping quite and in agony about what he or she did to you, you can just speak out. And try to explain the people, who are still in your life.

And that they’re connected to you and if they’re good with you but you know they had tortured you in the past then just ignore. Keep peace of mind and be happy because the people, who had hurt you are your dear ones and none others. Only closer to you people can play with your mind.

Don’t Think Time Can Bring The Change

However, over a decade things change and they might think about you differently. And so they forget what they did to you because you’re now mature and of healthy mind. People learn a lot from their mistakes. Even teachers learn from their students. Your mind is not healthy as I said you’re now of healthy mind. This is so because you still are happy with your transformation to a luxury life.

But, you’ve those bad memories connected with your closer people, who now are happy with you. Talk to them and just remind them a bit. However, it’s very tough but you need to do this because you need to be more happy. 

The bottom line is clear things to have a clean heart rather than mixing up things and keeping in mind what’s not required. So, it’s good to clarify and make things easy for yourself to live happier life of this world. Never underestimate yourself or others. And keep doing what’s the best for your peace of mind. Be nice and be friendly with everyone close to you or not otherwise an isolated you might be no good for your mind and heart. 

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