Telangana State Lockdown can create heavy rush for 4 hours

Telangana State Lockdown can create heavy rush for 4 hours

The TS govt announced today that there will be Telangana State lockdown for 20 hours per day from tomorrow. And with effect from May 12, 2021, also allowing all activities during morning hours, 6: am to 10: am. It would be for 10 days. 

It also creates some space for Muslims to rush for Eid prayers. And without Islamic logic in their knowledge, Muslims might throng to the mosques to offer Eid prayers. “Stay wherever you’re and do not move to any other place when plague hits or occurs”. It’s this according to Islam, that Muslims need to follow. 

A gentle reminder to all the people from different States of India that maintain social distancing as a habit. Wear masks and wash hands 🙌 whenever possible if you think you’ve touched anything. 

Telangana State lockdown might not create chaos, is the positive intent from all of us because we hope for good. It’s the alcoholics spreading the virus too much according to a report. Today, it was noticed heavy rush in wine shops. And pan shops. Generally, the alcoholics wake up early. And they need something for the hangover, and so they would be likely to create heavy rush. The four hours in the morning allowed for all activities to carry on, is still debatable. There needs to be a 24 hour lockdown for 2 weeks.

And to break the chain with a purpose to fight out the virus rather than be afraid of people’s demands. Their demands needs to be fulfilled in any case with the supply of essentials. The govt can do this because it’s necessary.

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