Telangana Lockdown Maybe Added With 15 Days Or More – Full Story

Telangana Lockdown Maybe Added With 15 Days Or More – Full Story

Telangana State Chief Minister KCR taken forward more positives of a 20 hour daily lockdown, which he initiated from May 12. The reduced number of Covid cases in the lockdown also indicate that Telangana lockdown maybe added with 15 more days. Further reports claim that on June 6 or 7, the Chief Minister will declare publicly about his yet another decision. And he would do as per the advisory from the health ministry. His decision will be in favour of controlling Virus 🦠 cases albeit sufferings of poor households. 

From few govt sources, it was learned that Telangana lockdown maybe added 🤔 with 15 or 🦚 more days. Another source explained that controlling the rise of virus 🦠 cases has been prioritised because it’s becoming dangerous situation. Poor and middle class people suffering more in Hyderabad because of the lockdown 🔐

Various other sources explain that those businesses, who earn as hand 🤚 to mouth has been suffering since longtime. Their rents couldn’t be paid on time while owners of the premisses harassing the tenants. However, some owners are lenient and are opting not to take rents during the crises. 


Schools and Colleges already hiked their fee in the end of last year. And they would be guilty to take the hiked fee during the start of first term from June 1. This is so because of online education to carry on for a longtime. The govt needs to issue orders to the educational institutions for reducing the fee. That’s because online education benefits the students not much. And also consumes less expenses of the educational institutions. In this case and many other cases, people are 😲 doing mortgages of jewelry etc., to make urgent payments. 

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So far, the relaxed rich 🤑 people sleeping 😴 during hours of helping the poor people. They’re only bothered about their health and staying away from the virus 🦠. Also preferring to stay home 🏡 as much as possible. There’s more to do for the govt than extending lockdown every time. It’s good that Telangana lockdown maybe added with more days to fight against the pandemic but poor people also need help from the rich and the govt. 

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