Andh Bhakts Or Bhakts For India Can Bring Progress? – Short Story

Andh Bhakts Or Bhakts For India Can Bring Progress? – Short Story

Progress Sidelined Andh Bhakts Or Bhakts For India : The title of this article… includes Andh Bhakts, a slur, but both Bhakts and Andh Bhakts are ~ same. People say sometimes Bhakts and sometimes Andh Bhakts. 

These are BJP followers and linked to RSS, and their business is to spread hatred. And also to appreciate killing of innocents. They also appreciate the atrocities over people of Kashmir and falsely claim that Delhi riots were unplanned. The Gujarat 2002 riots, where thousands of Muslims killed and from there, mob lynching also make them happy as they want nothing else than rape, killing or lynching of innocents. 

The term mob lynching is cleverly used to sideline one community killing another community’s people as a terror attack. These are all hate crimes that are increasingly poisonous for the progress in India. 

The mob, who attacks innocents, need to be punished severely. But, they celebrate when atrocities over innocents take place. Democracy is dead in India now. Is it that growth or progress in India sidelined ? 

Also Virus Fight Sidelined 

Andh Bhakts, a slur, but both Bhakts(Blind Followers) and Andh Bhakts(Blind Followers & Hatred Spreaders) are ~ same. People say sometimes Bhakts and sometimes Andh Bhakts. 

So many fake posts and misinformations circulating on social media, which sidelines the fight against viruses 🦠. There’s more COVID variants in India than most of the Covid affected countries. And the black, white and yellow fungus are actually not the variants of COVID-19.  But most of the COVID patients suffering from fungal diseases. Moreover, India is on the back foot in every aspect. 

Yes because of virus fight in India sidelined and how? That’s the bigger issue. And the govt also allowing hate crime, which have increased since 2014. 

The leaders haven’t come forward to fight the viruses 🦠 in a sensible way as it’s required. During the start of 2021, the elections played a key role to oversee rise of Virus 🦠 cases. The surge of the viruses in India 🇮🇳 resumed since the end of March 2021. 

It’s not surprising that a clean atmosphere and a clean body and mind can keep people healthy. 

Elections & Kumbh Mela 

And yes, during the Kumbh Mela, there was huge spread or resumption of the surge of virus 🦠 variants. People did what’s not required and were found unclean during their festival of Kumbh Mela. This was the reason why India hit hard through election rallies and (blind) celebrations. 

Some experts say the game🙋 was to benefit medical or health industry with extraordinary profits from increasing number of patients. 

In anyway, the Blind worshipers should be blamed because these people deserve from where their wrongdoings go forward. 

Too much lack of knowledge.  And the efforts of the leaders to teach wrong to these people led towards the worst days, right in front of India. Some others say,  for couple of years from now, there will be no good signs of any major achievement in India. And viruses 🦠will dominate Indians to do nothing but sit at home 🏠

Hate Crimes From Fake Posts 

And also these people do create hateful fake posts and spread hatred everywhere like a wild fire 🔥 only to sideline what other needful people deserve. And that’s Agonizing to the farmers too. 

The rich blind followers want to live happily and they’re happy over some fake and hatred spreading posts. If they’re happy with one community sidelined then let them be. And then who knows these people’s worst time might start sooner or later to open their eyes from Andh Bhakti (Blind worshiping). 

Andh Bhakts are known to be the blind followers of wrongdoing and corrupt popular persons or corrupt leaders. It might not benefit India 🇮🇳 if vigorous and stringent measures not taken to fight against the viruses. And also it’s required to fight against fake posts, which already has sidelined many big issues. 

Andh Bhakts, a slur, but both Bhakts and Andh Bhakts are ~ same. People say sometimes Bhakts and sometimes Andh Bhakts. It’s agonizing that all tricks and business of hate crimes and hatred of one community, which’s the foundation progressing in India.

Andh Bhakts Or Bhakts pulling India Down

However, India has to fight hard to come out from poverty. But, this hasn’t taken place to initiate a cause to benefit the people of India. Moreover, the unacceptable crimes are hard to reveal for now. Andh Bhakts actually pulling India down, and can never bring progress for the nation.

India has big issues to work upon than playing with the minds of the people. There’s more to do than spreading hatred. It’s time to look forward and repair India otherwise India will be no more a progressing nation. 

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