Shortfall In Employment Affecting Youth As Pandemic Exposes Govt

Shortfall In Employment Affecting Youth As Pandemic Exposes Govt

The shortfall in employment since working hours create circumstances of “do it in anyway”. And due to poor working conditions, youth affected more. Companies looking to reduce their expenses and their expenses includes the salaries to their employees. The lesser employees any company keeps on duty, the less will be the expenses. But making them work as per the strange requirements, has been tricky since the end of 2020.

Here, the pandemic Covid-19 infecting more people. Unfortunately or fortunately, the old people in India affected more or anywhere in the world, which has been in anyway sad for the youth. And extra support from the older people for the youth matters a lot.

Also working people losing confidence and have to work for a better future while losing their loved ones. However, the poor working conditions swallowing the working excitements, which in a way can bring shortfall in employment.

Jobs in Asian countries or middle income countries. And including India, although India can do much more for their citizens, the pathetic policies in India taking the sheen away. It was also learned globally that India failed in controlling the pandemic Covid-19 and its variants.

Ask the people in India, particularly the youth about how they lost their jobs? They’ve more restlessness and loss of hope to survive or build their future in their own country. Most of the youth either committing suicides or trying to move out from India to have a better life even in the Island nations.

Shortfall In Employment Or Loss Of Jobs

Some skillful youth moving on a large scale to Canada, and the United States of America. However, there are no ready jobs for them even in the most developed countries. Also the restrictions of travel abroad from India due to the growing number of virus cases, which are bothering the youth. Once and for good they want to leave India as soon as possible.

Experts claim that not only the youth but School going Kids have to bear a lot. The shortfall in employment or loss of jobs will be more worrisome in the coming months, or even in the entire 2022.

Youth in India have no other option but to think positively. How can they think positively when they see their relatives and friends losing their lives thanks to the viruses in India? Their guardians or parents are no more alive to help them or support them to take good decision. Once for all the bottom line is how long social orgs can help the affected people in India. And above all the duty of the govt is to support the youth financially.

The blunders of the govt, such as ineffective strategies of controlling Covid-19 can be wiped off if they work for the people. And not for their own luxuries. That’s it for the case, where the pandemic exposed everything and everyone in India.

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