Conspiracy Experts Blame Vaccines To Expose ‘Hidden Truth’

Conspiracy Experts Blame Vaccines To Expose ‘Hidden Truth’

Conspiracy Experts Blame Vaccines To Expose ‘Hidden Truth’: This Claim is False & Why? Read… 

Even-though infectious disease Chiefs like Dr. Ashish K. Jah, Dr. Faheem Younus keep saying vaccines help, it’s again different story. And there are more stories coming up again in 2021. People are confused as conspiracy experts blame vaccines as they claim no health authority approved the vaccination. It’s so because a vaccine needs at least 5-10 years to be good enough for preventing Covid-19. 

They’ve a lot to say when YouTube channels ask them. They claim that vaccines are subject to be used as an emergency. 

Conspiracy experts blame Vaccines only for the sole reason that FDA authorised vaccines under emergency use. This is EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation). 

The general question to the conspiracy experts is left unanswered. This question is “while we were told about Agenda 21, and now they changed it to Agenda 30?”

The Agenda 21 claim rubbed off as false propaganda. This again reminds us that, why these people also including Bill Gates? Bill Gates is too old to come up again with Agenda 30 or Agenda 2030. The so called Agenda is for the depopulation of the world. There will be soon 9 Billion people around the world. And depopulation could reduce this to 1 Billion. And that’s possible through vaccination. 

Conspiracy Experts Blame Vaccines, Earlier…

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Massive protests in America also reveal that Bill Gates, who holds $100 Billion net worth is assumed to be in trouble soon.

“No one will take Bill Gates vaccine with his invisible chip. He is the most hated 65 year old person on earth. Nothing will change as per his plans and no matter what he plans for. What he said in the past about has been proved to all of us that he wants to kill all of us with his eugenics.”

“Dr Fauci works for the govt and Bill Gates. He can make millions from vaccine. His buddy is Bill Gates and that Bill Gates believes in depopulation. Killing off millions of people as what he considers as trash of the world. His Polio vaccine paralyzed 450,000 in India.” That’s the past now.

The Present…

However, Doctors are yelling and reaching out to the people to get vaccinated. Then why believe conspiracy experts? Or the theorists, who also claim their videos get deleted and much more. So, you think yourself and decide what’s good for you. No one is forcing you. Finally, Why Would Agenda 2021 To Agenda 2030 would like to kill the British, the Americans and so on?  


Infectious disease Chiefs like Dr. Faheem Younus always busy over suggesting people to wear masks, Etc. Now that vaccines have coming in quick time and will be taken purposefully as Chief of infectious diseases, Dr. Younus MD, USA is optimistic about. He says, “please get vaccinated and save all of us. After COVID. What to Expect? – Majority recovers in 2-3 weeks – Lingering symptoms for months in some cases – Not contagious after 10-days of symptoms – No point in repeating PCR or antibody test – Rare chance of reinfection. So best to wear a mask and get a vaccine when available”.

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Even if any vaccine is effective as about 70% for your recovery from COVID, then please go for it. Replied Dr. Faheem Younus when asked: “I’m 28 year old and still do I need to get vaccinated?”.

Remember side effects of vaccines won’t last for long. Most of the people vaccinated are doing well. So, videos suggesting COVID vaccines spoil future are false claims, indeed. 

However, only vaccinations, aren’t helpful it was learned. This is so because you need to wear masks, wash hands, and maintain social distancing for some years to avoid Covid-19 and other Variant infection even after inoculation.

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