Thursday, November 30, 2023
Telangana After Lockdown Finds Rise in COVID Cases Since 2 Days

Telangana After Lockdown Finds Rise in COVID Cases Since 2 Days

It would be confusing to say lifting of Telangana lockdown not justified. Though, it’s helpful to bring good profits to the small and medium businesses in Telangana, it’s again something unfair. And to create from behind, the spike in virus cases since just two days. However, people in Telangana State are happy over the lifting or removing of COVID lockdown. And some people also disagree with this decision. Honestly, Telangana after lockdown finds rise in COVID cases since two days.

The surge is because of the heavy rush during evening and in the afternoon as more people freely moving around, everywhere.

Over 2000 new COVID cases reported and about 50 deaths (unofficial) since the past “48” hours. It’s again a matter of concern. This is nothing but there’s another issue regarding the opening of all educational institutions, while online classes still can be allowed for few more months. However, small private and govt schools were not at all functioning because of the fact that these educational institutions couldn't conduct online classes.

The reasons are too many for lifting the lockdown as many people and businesses will be benefited. But, what about the spike in COVID cases? Do the surge needs to be ignored? No. Then, it’s good to put some pressure over the people to follow the pandemic guidelines through a partial lockdown. This partial lockdown like night curfew reminds people to take precautions. And also a controlled situation to benefit work, business, health and much more.

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