How Abdullah Hafiz Helped Gain Progress For Many

How Abdullah Hafiz Helped Gain Progress For Many

Dr. Abdullah Hafiz helped gain lot for Saudi Arabia. He has been the CEO of the Academy for Developing Administrative Leaders at the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) since 2020: According to Arab News. 

Hafiz worked for Tourism Development Fund (TDF) in 2020 and managed to build strategic growth and alignment with the national tourism vision. He also served as head of change management at the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Hafiz was an adviser to the minister of economy and planning. He developed the education sector for privatisation initiatives. This was aimed to optimize the budget of the Ministry of Education while building partnerships with the private sectors. 

He also worked as a director general for privatization. And for superior government projects at the Economics Cities Authority. He implemented a reversed PPP model to help serve all privatization initiatives at the economic cities. His goal was to attract government projects (such as Aramco Gas Pipeline, Haramain Railway, MBSC). He also found huge success in every designation, he worked for. 

Dr. Hafiz served as a COO (Chief Operating Officer) at one of the Al-Zahid Group subsidiaries. He succeeded in increasing sales and reducing the company’s annual operational costs. 

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More About Abdullah Hafiz Helped Gain Progress…

Hafiz worked as a senior manager at the Al-Khabeer Merchant Finance Corporation from 2008 to 2009. In 2004, he was a financial management consultant at the World Bank in Washington, DC. For about two years beginning in 2013, he was an associate professor at the Jeddah-based University of Business and Technology.

Earlier in 2001, Hafiz received a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. He received a master’s degree in engineering management from George Washington University. In 2008, he achieved PhD degree in the same field of study from George Washington University. From there no looking back as Dr. Abdullah Hafiz helped gain lot for Saudi Arabia and has been moving forward. Until now, he’s working for all the major developments in Saudi Arabia. 

Source: Arab News 

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