Kamala Harris Reminds Joe Biden Over Recent Collapse

Kamala Harris Reminds Joe Biden Over Recent Collapse

Kamala Harris Reminds Joe Biden Over Recent South Florida Collapse…

Vice President Kamala Harris reminds Joe Biden (President) to include the deadly South Florida collapse. While they were leaving a White House event on Thursday.

President Joe Biden gave remarks on infrastructure, and had attended questions from the press. Soon after those issues including voting rights, he then attempted to finish up. He said according New York Post that: “I’ve got to get to a helicopter”, surprisingly Harris approached.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris exchanged short whisper, which allowed Harris to say: “Florida, yeah.”

“Oh, yes. I apologize,” Biden said, turning back to the microphone but Harris moved out of camera view. He then said: “Yes, thank you, Madam Vice President.”

The president went on to say more ignoring that his helicopter was waiting and spend some more time. He finished while saying that he will look into the issue of Florida collapse. 

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That Was 2020. Latest Post Pic: NY post

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