COVID Phobia Gripping India As People Preferring Stay At Home

COVID Phobia Gripping India As People Preferring Stay At Home

COVID Phobia Gripping India As People Stuck At Homes 

Right from the demands of online classes raised by parents, there’s a lot regarding COVID phobia. COVID phobia gripping India as people, mostly adults preferring to stay at homes all the time. This COVID phobia maybe good or bad, time will tell again a different story. However, there’s a lot of talks going on over the possible third wave to hit India. The third COVID wave would be more infectious as what the experts claimed already. 

Let’s know what is COVID phobia? This COVID phobia or the term phobia refers to preferences relating towards fear, boycott, annoyed, keep distance from, etc. 

Today, India is troubled with the rise of joblessness and rise of poverty. This is so because of no proper steps taken to help create jobs. Another aspect is small businesses aren’t supported because people preferring online transactions. ATMs or cash machines in India have been easily accessible to withdraw cash while there are no queues whatsoever. People using UPI or card transactions, which have no availability in small roadside businesses. Most of the shops use cash transactions while they’ve daily wage young staff. Cash transactions are easy for these small businesses to apply over their calculations and their businesses’ inventories.

The main reason of COVID phobia gripping India hard is still not known. However, it’s conclusive to say that people are more worried to step out of their homes. And people in the cities like Hyderabad enjoying the unlock, which also worrisome. That’s all said about COVID phobia, which is better than spreading the virus.  

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