Dil Aazmah Raha Hai – Super Song Free To Read At InHandWriter

Dil Aazmah Raha Hai – Super Song Free To Read At InHandWriter

Dil Aazmah Raha Hai – Super Song Free To Read At In Hand Writer

The lyrics for yet another Super Song, Mujhe Mera Dil Aazmah Raha Hai.. available for you to grab or read for free. Once, you purchase the lyrics, I’m always ready to help you more. Don’t worry go ahead to connect with inhandwriter as many of our customers are still connected to In Hand Writer to gain more after sale services. The lyrics are as follows: 

Mujhe Mera Dil Aazmah Raha Hai… (My heart for me, testing me) 

Sab ko Sunah raha hai… (Making all hear) 

Tera Naam, Tera Naam (Your name, your name…) 

Bolun Main Jo bhi Dil se (Whatever I say by heart) 

Tera Naam Bhi Nikle lab se (Your name also come up from my lips) 

Kyun Mera Dil Sunah Raha hai? (Why my heart making your name to be heard?) 

Tera Naam, Tera Naam… (Your name, your name…) 

Mere Dil pe chah gaya Hai (My heart is surrounded with) 

Chehra Tera Bhaagaya Hai (Loving your features) 

Tu hi Mujhe Nazar Har taraf Aarahi Hai (Only you, that I can see everywhere) 

Dhadkan bhi, meri, Tere liye Gun gunah rahi Hai (Hearts also for you singing in a tune) 

Mera Dil Sirf Tujhko Maangta Hai… (My hearts wants only you) 

Mujhe Mera Dil Aazmah Raha Hai (My heart for me, testing me) 

Mera Dil Tujhko hi Bulah Raha Hai (My heart is calling only you) 

Dil Aazmah Raha Hai – Super Song (Conclusion)

Aaja Mere Paas (Come to me) 

Sun ye meri Baat (Listen to me) 

Mera Dil sirf tujhko Chahta Hai (My heart wants only you) 

Mera Dil tujhko Bulah raha Hai (My heart is calling you) 

Mujhe Mera Dil Aazmah Raha hai... (My heart keeps testing me). 

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