Devika Rani Named Dilip Kumar For Yousuf Khan Before Hindi Film Launch

Devika Rani Named Dilip Kumar For Yousuf Khan Before Hindi Film Launch

Devika Rani named Dilip Kumar as she was in production and direction in Hindi Film Industry (Currently Bollywood) during those days when Dilip Kumar was too young.

Now that Dilip Kumar or originally Yousuf Khan, a Muslim Film actor had passed away, many people wondering why he changed his. It’s also because the Khan in his full name Mohammed Yousuf Khan was good enough like Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan, as all Khans clicked without doubt.

And have achieved huge success in Hindi Film Industry carrying the magical Khan as their sir name. Almost all Khan’s right from Yousuf Khan (Dilip Kumar) to Saif Ali Khan and so on, got huge success.

So, why Late Yousuf Khan changed his name to Dilip Kumar? The argument goes on and on. But it was Devika Rani, who was involved in the name change. As Devika Rani named Dilip Kumar for Yousuf Khan, it’s again Late Dilip Kumar went to ask the Producer Mukherjee before agreeing to Devika.

Dilip Kumar wrote in his book that:

“I told Producer Mukherjee sir about the suggestion that had come from Devika Rani. He while looking at me straight in the eye, said: ‘I think her suggestion is too good. It will be in your interest to take the name that she has suggested for the screen. It is a very nice screen name, though I will always know you by the name Yousuf’ (I later came to know that Ashok Kumar was the screen name of Kumudlal Kunjilal Ganguly.) I was touched and it was a validation that cleared my thoughts then and there,”.

A Paragraph from Dilip Kumar’s Autobiography

The late Bollywood legend wrote in his book about how he had changed his name Yousuf Khan to Dilip Kumar. Yes, Devika Rani named Dilip Kumar for Yousuf Khan as a screen name. And for creating lover boy image to the late Yousuf Khan. Well, if he had never changed his name even then he would be remembered as successful actor and he was actually more than any name.

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