Kafeel Khan Appeal For Donation Enters Day 94 For Ranchi

Kafeel Khan Appeal For Donation Enters Day 94 For Ranchi

Dr. Kafeel Khan keeps things as simple as possible for donation to his “mission smile foundation”. It says Dr. Kafeel Khan Mission Smile Foundation. He has put many options for people, who want to help “The Doctors-On-Road” campaign running since 94 days. The hash tagged campaign is #DoctorsOnRoad. It’s another day and it’s the 94th day when Dr. Kafeel Khan again moving forward to raise funds. The Kafeel Khan appeal for donation enters day 94.

#DoctorsOnRoad Day 94 राँची आपकी मदद चाहिए to donate Paytm / phone pay / Google pay on 8860050340 bank details A/C name – Dr Kafeel Khan Mission Smile Foundation A/C no – 03171100002492 Bank- Punjab and Sind Bank Branch – Gorakhpur IFSC – PSIB0000317

Earlier, Dr. Kafeel was arrested and was in jail for almost a year. He got bail few months ago. And since then he’s busy to help even as a pediatrician. A decent and helping natured doctor suffered a lot in the jail. He has to go through with all sorts of trouble until he won the battle to be out of the jail on bail. His family and kids were happy to see him. Moreover, he was delighted to see his infant child. His appeal shouldn’t go waste, which’s where inhandwriter would be pleased if his mission succeeds.

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