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Students Shift American Dream To Canada At Present Crises

Students Shift American Dream To Canada At Present Crises

Students Shift American Dream To Canada For Some Reason 

Indians find difficulty for working in the United States on H-1B status or work legally. Comparatively the ease for Indian students, working in temporary status, and then benefiting with permanent residence in Canada is worth than what’s in store for them in America. This way, students shift American dream to Canada, a life similar to American standards and worthful. 

Earlier, highly talented Indian students used to be determined to find a job in America after their studies. In order to live American life as the dream, which’s now shifted to Canada. 

Students enrolled in graduate-level computer science and engineering at US universities declined by more than 25 per cent. This is something, keeping students to prefer Canada. Between 2016-17 and 2018-19 academic years, outdated immigration visa policy to obtain legal stay has become tough.

Students from India need to wait for years in order to get green cards after completion of their studies. This is so because of the H1B per country quota, where America seems to be losing highly talented Indian professionals.

Students are too clever to have their American dream shift to Canada for sometime. Later, according to their plan of working in America, it’s possible for them after acquiring Canadian citizenship to work in America, later on. An American dream life will be in the eyes. But after shifting American dream to Canada for few years. Also then move to America later on. This is what, in a lighter vein, consultancies, are claiming.

The consultancies approached for, and it’s amazing to find over more than 80% students wanting to study in Canada than in America.  

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