Hotels in India Sell Tea As Harmful As You Need To Know

Hotels in India Sell Tea As Harmful As You Need To Know

Hotels in India Sell Tea As Harmful As You Need To Know 

Hot cups of tea served in Hotels, which puts some fun while having tea-time with your friends, harmful or not? Hotels in India sell tea as harmful as you think that tea is hot, so you don’t need to worry about. Thinking is that cooked or hot items aren’t harmful, but it’s not to be believed. Remember, the milk sold to cafes, restaurants and hotels isn’t pure. And about a maximum of 20% of pure milk used by milk suppliers, in which they mix something cheap. 

The cheap powder intentionally not mentioned here; increases the quantity of the milk when mixed. The mixture looks so healthy that the milk also gets green signal from pure milk checking machines. Quantity matters to the hotel or restaurant owners than quality because they want cheap milk suppliers, in order to earn more. Making more money can make sense here because cafes, restaurants and hotels have plenty of workouts. 

The working out for the salaries to the staff of the hotels also comes into consideration. And the use of cheap but not harmful tea leaf powder along with the amount of time spent to keep tea ready. The tea needs to be ready all the time. And that’s the issue, which makes hotel, cafes or restaurant owners to spend less on milk purchase. 

Tea Habit At Home Not Outside

The milk suppliers mix the powder for example they can make 2 liters of milk while using half liter. This powder mixes so well with plenty of water and little pure milk, that the suppliers increase the quantity of milk. Again they need to sell hundreds of liters of milk to each of their clients. And in return what we get? We drink such hot cups of tea to have a tea- break, which’s harmful.

The information here is incomplete because to what extent hotel tea or outside tea is harmful, not conclusive. This is because most of the people enjoy outside tea and are used to it. But, if you’re an occasional outside tea consumer, then you might be in serious health issue.

And if at your home, you get quality milk, which’s expensive. And from a reliable milk supplier. Also you know better about the quality of milk consumed in your home, in a way you can notice closely the quality not the quantity. Well, water mixed in milk is not an issue but something mixed along with water can make the milk harmful. 

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