Hyderabad People Find Foreign Countries As “Painkiller” To Live

Hyderabad People Find Foreign Countries As “Painkiller” To Live

Hyderabad People Find Foreign Countries As “Painkiller” To Live 

The most common thing that most of the Hyderabad people desperately want and keep saying is: “This is not the place for me to live, I want to go abroad as soon as I finish my studies. Either USA or Canada”. Hyderabad people find Foreign countries not only to earn more but also keep Western culture in their minds. 

They think it’s good to work even as slaves in Western countries rather than staying in Hyderabad’s atmosphere, which’s annoying. Fed up with what Hyderabad provides. And even what India provides, the youth and even middle aged people desperately want to leave India. 

However, the pandemic has nothing to make them panic about. And for certain restrictions, they’re busy in their visa processing along while working on eligible criteria to travel. And they want desperately to migrate even to small European countries if not UK, US or Canada. 

Firstly, it’s amazing currently that Hyderabad people find foreign countries like USA and Canada to live. And to earn more money shockingly has become secondary to them. Seriously, people of Hyderabad want to leave India even though they’re married and middle-aged and also having children. 

Hyderabad People Find Foreign Countries As “Painkillers”

Secondly, Hyderabad people are crazy about western culture. They’re annoyed with so called joyful way of life in Hyderabad, which most NRIs still miss a lot. The use of Hyderabad sense of humor in their surroundings has become a taboo. They’re bound to be in a position, where they want their mobile number codes like +1 or something of their choice. And from which they’ll be highly satisfied to communicate with their friends and relatives around the globe with command and authority. 

With the use of social media, they want to show off that they live in western countries. And this is what matters most to the youth and the middle-aged, than anything else. It doesn’t matter to them at all as it trends that even though they become illegals, they’ll be better off. 

And most of the youth from Hyderabad wanting to marry citizens of western countries. This is again an issue for the unmarried Hyderabad girls, who can’t find a groom working in foreign countries. And are disappointed to be ignored because of their permanent stay in Hyderabad due to unavoidable circumstances. 

It’s nothing but an effort that Hyderabad people find foreign countries as “painkiller”. Their living in Hyderabad is the pain that they want to kill. And carry on moving forward towards their dream destinations, while fed up in Hyderabad, where something hurting their ego. 

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