India Has Best Treatment in Hospitals As Recovery Rate Jumps Up

India Has Best Treatment in Hospitals As Recovery Rate Jumps Up

India Has Best Treatment in Hospitals As COVID Recovery Rate Jumps Up 

We have already seen some celebrities recover and some politicians too recovered from COVID infection. A few TV anchors succumbed to the infectious disease and a few BJP leaders too. But now, India has best treatment in hospitals because of the rise of recovery rate since a couple of weeks. 

During the past one week, India finds COVID deaths less than 1000, while COVID positive cases still hovering around 40,000. In the last 24 hours, India touched 40k positive cases while deaths are unbelievably as low as less than 600. 

The best possible treatment is available in India for COVID positive patients. It would be better if virus positive people visit India for treatment in Indian hospitals. However, the WHO couldn’t see this in a broad sense. And when best treatments are available in certain countries, then people should be allowed to travel. And they would most likely to benefit from quick recovery. 

India has best treatment in hospitals for various diseases. And the pandemic will be destroyed if people travel to different countries for best possible treatment. The experts keep arguing. It’s debatable, where countries won’t allow COVID positive patients to land because of the fear of spread of these viruses. 

The question raised to the argument of finding a better treatment for every particular disease, where there’s best possible treatment. And particularly for COVID patients in any other country than homeland, it’s nothing a solution. Countries should allow patients to visit other countries for best treatment with govt’s financial support to save lives. 

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