How Fast COVID Cases Spreading Worldwide As Vaccinations Help A Lot

How Fast COVID Cases Spreading Worldwide As Vaccinations Help A Lot

How Fast COVID Cases Spreading Worldwide? The first 50 million cases = >300 days. Also 50 to 100 million cases = 80 days and 100 to 150 million cases = 93 days. 150 to 190 million cases = 78 days.

The speed at which COVID cases growing is a warning for those, who’re not yet vaccinated. And where “magic cures” are believed, cases are going on increasing. However, not surprisingly, COVID cases declining where precautions and vaccines are given respect. This applies to every country including US, UK and India.

The reason for higher COVID cases in the UK and the US are because of people, who are not yet vaccinated and taking no proper precautions. Yes, the death rate is lower in the developed countries, and in India as maximum people are vaccinated and also go through possibly the best treatment in the hospitals. Indian hospitals are busy with COVID patients and having the best possible treatment towards quick recoveries.

And some Indians following “magic cure”. This “magic cure” is nothing but home remedies, which do not help at all. Overall, worldwide, COVID cases are on rise and how fast COVID cases spreading is a major problem. The problem is with the people, who are not bothered of maintaining social distancing and taking no proper precautions. A study shows below as infectious disease expert from Maryland hospital, USA briefed:

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Graph Showing How Fast COVID Cases Spreading Worldwide

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