24 Hour Lockdown Likely from Aug 10 As Third Wave To Hit Hard

24 Hour Lockdown Likely from Aug 10 As Third Wave To Hit Hard

The rise of COVID cases and its Delta variants in the United States still keeping people fearless. People with infection moving out too. The UK, Brazil and some European countries have to bear sickness of their people even after providing free vaccination. India is another country, where people think that vaccines are the cure and not for protection. Many such complacencies might lead to a 24 hour lockdown likely from August 10 or August 20. 

Best possible way is to get vaccinated and still follow COVID protocol. People should wear washed masks if they use reusable masks. Otherwise, use disposable masks. Best way is wear cloth masks and wash the masks whenever possible. This way, India can fight against the spread of the virus and its variants. 

People are complacent post vaccination and their mindset is that they’ll be safe even after hugging their friends and relatives. Most of the people in India with first dose of vaccine behaving as if they’re free from the virus. This mindset is everywhere including in the developed countries. 

The lesson is best taught to the people with a 24 hour lockdown likely soon. Again this is because of the rise of COVID cases in India and abroad. COVID cases in India aren’t on a decline while deaths look to be decreasing. 

Deaths are lesser while people are vaccinated. But they’ll be in some kind of trouble if infected with the virus post vaccination. This trouble will keep them away from work. And will pile up heavy rush in the hospitals. 

Why 24 Hour Lockdown Likely from Aug 10 ?

A sudden surge of COVID cases in the United States and United Kingdom worry experts as they keep warning India. It’s so because third is inevitable and it’s round the corner. So, be prepared while things become worse. And so, a 24 Hour lockdown likely be imposed in India. And in several other countries as soon as from August 10.

The reason to highlight this report is just because Indians experienced sudden lockdowns without being aware to prepare. Yes, COVID cases are on rise but no serious illness from infection of the viruses when people are vaccinated. But does this mean we don’t need to take precautions, once vaccinated? No, even after vaccination thousands are tested positive and from there they need to take bed rest at least. 

Is it not right to keep ourselves safe from even the mildest sickness, and in order to work for others and for our own businesses? 

A clear picture is that as some European countries including UK are bothered about surge in positive cases. And also from this, it’s understandable that a third wave in India is somewhere near. So, be prepared as even the United States of America was complacent post vaccination. And now, the surge in positive cases in the USA worry experts. 

Be Prepared…

It’s good to be prepared before a third wave, which would be more severe than second, might hit hard. Let’s take this in a way, where we can fight against virus while following social distancing even after vaccination. Otherwise, an inevitable 24 hour lockdown likely to keep us in tough situation, where from our well-being will be ignored. 

It’s so because two doses of Vaccine causing infections of the viruses. And then people are freely moving out and found in close gatherings even after first dose. Parties organized wherever people like and they’re participating on large numbers in marriage functions. Hugging and hand-shakes returned as it’s a signal for the third wave and possible 24 hour lockdown. 

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