Owaisi On War Of Words Claim Says AIMIM is Not B Team Of BJP

Owaisi On War Of Words Claim Says AIMIM is Not B Team Of BJP

Owaisi On War Of Words Claims AIMIM is Not B Team Of BJP 

AIMIM’s President Asaduddin Owaisi noticed few reports coming up inline with the UP elections. It was mentioned in some reports that AIMIM is exposed as B Team of BJP. In Uttar Pradesh ( UP) it was seen that many supporters of Owaisi turned out and expressed their support for AIMIM. Recently, Owaisi on war of words with Yogi dismissed the reports that he’s supporting BJP indirectly. 

Also Owaisi said that his party will ensure BJP’s defeat in the upcoming UP elections. However, Yogi Adityanath responded while saying his party accepts Owaisi’s challenge.

When war of words learned many experts, and politicians. They went on to say that the acceptance of the challenge shows that AIMIM and BJP indirectly supporting each other.

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When this was asked to Asaduddin Owaisi on war of words with Yogi, he said he’s speaking what he needs to. And if people take it in other ways then they’re welcome to. AIMIM is neither a supporter of BJP nor its B Team. Earlier, Asaduddin Owaisi told to NDTV that: “I have the right to speak in favor of Muslims and Dalits because these are the people, who are mostly fighting for their rights. And beyond that these are the people, who are in poverty. You can find auto drivers and Bandiwalas (Fruit Vendors) in these communities more”.  

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