UP To See High Percentage Voting As Fascism To Lose Again Like Bengal

UP To See High Percentage Voting As Fascism To Lose Again Like Bengal

UP To See High Percentage Voting If Good Result Matters 

The result or the outcome of UP or Uttar Pradesh elections can lead towards which way, needs to be known. The Yogi Adityanath govt with the eyes of BJP will continue from where they left. And more crises expected while crime rate and many other failures of BJP in UP will be exposed. But Uttar Pradesh or UP to see high percentage voting if people want a change. 

The change is in the minds of the people of UP and more so in other parts of India. In North India, BJP creating hate crimes and riots while South India like Telangana also slipping away. Like minded people everywhere in India irrespective of cast or religion, always want peace. And the people in India, who want peace include minorities too. So, it will be an interesting election in the UP, early in 2022.

People are now without doubt wanting good than giving yet another chance to BJP. However, hatred when spreads, spreads wildly. And things can change dramatically to put India, particularly the UP in trouble. Indians are too many in favor of BJP while few others want a change to see progress in India. 

The majority in India want to live peacefully. The peace, they keep talking about is like if there will be nothing to eat. And even then BJP should win because the selfish BJP already played big games to divide people. They think that even if they die of hunger, it doesn’t matter, unless what BJP wants gets accomplished. Here there’s nothing for the BJP to accomplish. The way, India going through very bad phase since 2014, hasn’t put Indians away from hate crimes. BJP benefits their own party rather then benefiting Indians, who see BJP with one eye than see in deep. But things are too close to expose BJP.  

Can People In UP Bring The Change Or What ?

However, talking about good result from Uttar Pradesh elections, it’s the people, who would make the change. 

Nothing worse will or can happen to the minorities in India even if the govt is fascist. The country will go backwards and reach a new low in every level including hunger, jobs, Etc. The point is people now have the chance to vote cleverly. Otherwise, it’s again will not be a matter of concern to the minorities as they’ll always have only one enemy. 

Thus, if UP to see high percentage voting then there would be good governance. And a change. But still there’s nothing to say anything about BJP now because slowly the BJP’s intentions are going on exposed. The reason is the selfishness, where innocents are jailed, harassed and tortured. And it’s a sorry state for them, who know all the hate crimes and still keep quite. Then, the days of disasters after disasters keeps coming in. This if keeps people divided or not never matters as India will be in deep trouble.  

Finally, minorities have some reasons to smile. And the minorities always try their best to keep India on top level. But the fascist would worry over their own huge losses. A Country like India needs progress and every Indian as human being is countable to live in peace. Well, the game will go for how long. And how long we would cheat ourselves? 

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