Yogi Spent Huge Money For Ads On TV Channels As NDTV Happy in Loss

Yogi Spent Huge Money For Ads On TV Channels As NDTV Happy in Loss

Yogi Spent Huge Money For Ads On TV Channels As NDTV NOT Mentioned in the List of Godi Media (All Top Channels)  

Many TV channels. Or you can say almost all TV channels collected huge many from Yogi Adityanath to show ads. The ads are still running on various TV channels for BJP to regain power in Uttar Pradesh. Advertisements also claim Athmanirbhar Bharat (Self dependent India), which was initiated by PM Narendra Modi. It’s the rise of the fall of BJP that experts claim because Yogi spent huge money for ads. And so on.  

News-laundry or newslaundry.com mentioned this report in detail. Inhandwriter found out that NDTV was happy to lose money. This is so because except NDTV almost all the TV channels showing the ads while they earned crores in return. 

Yogi Adityanath spent 160 crores on ads for promoting BJP to win or regain his position in Uttar Pradesh. 

Even Sudarshan News received Rs 2.68 crore for showing Yogi ads. NDTV 24×7 and NDTV India often critical of the Uttar Pradesh government, haven’t mentioned in the ad expenditure data.

The huge ad expenditure for Yogi means that he’s desperate to win in UP. It’s again NDTV, which used to criticize UP govt, received nothing or benefited with anything. This shows that the group of TV channels repeatedly called as “Godi Media” has no place for NDTV. 

Ever wonder, the amount of money as huge as 160 Crores spent to win elections in UP, is of any worth? And this huge money spent only on ads shown on dozens of top TV channels. And more money will be spent along with speeches of false promises. 

How Poor People Vote For BJP

Also paid voters will be the ones, who are desperate for money. And they never bother about the outcome as they’re the ones, who need money to survive. It’s so because under the BJP, the poor becomes poorest and the rich becomes richer. And these poor people come out to vote for BJP after taking their much needed vote money. The game is on.

But, at the end winner in Uttar Pradesh will not be Yogi. It’s so because he had not spent some money in crises for the poor and the crises of the sudden lockdown, then it would be him to blame again for losing in UP again.  

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