Imran Khan Clarifies Few Recent Issues Including his Rape Remark

Imran Khan Clarifies Few Recent Issues Including his Rape Remark

Imran Khan Clarifies Few Recent Issues Related To him 

Pakistan PM Imran Khan clarifies that: “The US was  trying to “look for a military solution in Afghanistan, when there was not one”.

“And people like me who kept saying that there was no military solution, who know the history of Afghanistan. We were called — anti-American. I was also used to be called as Taliban Khan,”. Said Imran Khan. 

Imran Khan clarifies further that: “By the time the US realised that there was no military solution in Afghanistan. And unfortunately, the bargaining power of the Americans or the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces) had gone”. 

The Pak PM said the US should have opted for a political settlement much earlier, when there were as many as 150,000 NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Will Taliban Compromise

Imran Khan said: “Once the US had reduced the troops to barely 10,000, and then, they gave an exit date, the Taliban thought they had won. And so, therefore, it was very difficult for now to get them to compromise”. 

When the interviewer asked whether he thought the Taliban resurgence was a positive development for Afghanistan? Khan reiterated that the only good outcome would be a political settlement. A report published on Indian Express also clarified some other issues related to the Pakistan PM. 

According to Indian Express Khan described the “worst-case scenario” as being one where Afghanistan descends into a civil war. “From Pakistan’s point of view, that is the worst-case because we then … we have to face another issue. Secondly the refugee problem,” he said.

“Already, Pakistan is hosting over three million Afghan refugees. And what we fear is that a protracted civil war would not stop more refugees to enter Pakistan. And our economic situation is not such that we can have another influx”. Further, PM Imran Khan clarifies. 

When asked about Pakistan’s alleged military, intelligence and financial support to Afghanistan, Imran Khan clarifies this way: “I find this extremely unfair. And it’s not Pakistan’s policy at all”. 

What Pakistan Lost & What Was Recent Controversial Rape Remark

That 70,000 Pakistanis had died in the aftermath of the US war in Afghanistan, even when. “Pakistan had nothing to do with what happened in New York on September 11, 2001. 

At the time, Al Qaeda was based in Afghanistan and there were no militant Taliban in Pakistan,”. Imran Khan clarifies, pointing out that no Pakistani national was involved in the attack on the World Trade Centre.

“We had nothing to do with,” he repeated, regretting that the war in Afghanistan had resulted in a loss of $150 billion to Pakistan’s economy.

When questioned about his controversial remarks on rape, which had drawn widespread criticism, Imran Khan clarifies: “Anyone who commits rape, solely and solely, that person is responsible”. Furthermore, he said: “No matter whatever, how much ever a woman is provocative or whatever she wears, the person who commits rape, is fully responsible. Never is the victim responsible,” he clarified.

Imran Khan further clarifies that he would never say such a stupid thing, that a person who’s raped is responsible. It’s s always the rapist, who is responsible.”

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