COVID Cases in 3 Countries Too Scary To Cause Worldwide Panic

COVID Cases in 3 Countries Too Scary To Cause Worldwide Panic

Why COVID Cases in 3 Countries Too Scary To Cause Worldwide Panic ?

While the United States of America finds a sudden surge in COVID case. And the daily cases are huge in number at present in USA. But these 3 countries are too scary because of the impact of variants, excluding USA. The USA (United States of America) always give certain privileges to vaccinated people, and they can even travel too. But COVID cases in 3 countries too scary as most of the people in these 3 countries have bear the lockdowns, earlier. And now people, in the three COVID spreading countries could lead to a worldwide panic. 

Number 1 is India, where people are misguided not to get vaccinated and not to wear masks, Etc. India’s current COVID cases on a daily basis since a week are above 40,000. India also finds COVID deaths to about more than 500 per day. Deaths can tell a different story because it can also create panic among the people, who prefer precautions. And the death figures might be lower one day and higher on another day. 

India’s Delta variant and Delta Plus variant already spread across many western countries. The point is how badly the pandemic handled in India, which’s going out of control. Third wave might be threatening to India to hit hard if whenever the cases of third wave opens up. Yes, India comes at top position of the COVID cases in 3 countries too scary to create worldwide panic. 

Be Careful As Virus Becomes Resurgent…

Everything will be known soon as the COVID crises continues through out the world. Indians need to wear masks and maintain social distancing even if vaccinated. And so the other 2 countries, which are Indonesia, and Brazil. The COVID cases in 3 countries too scary, which are India, Indonesia and Brazil. It’s so because death rate in these 3 countries never gone down. Thus, if good care, precautions and safety measures given due respect including vaccinations, then these above mentioned three countries wouldn’t be threatening for the world.  

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