Bollywood Stars Still Expensive But Showbiz in Huge Loss

Bollywood Stars Still Expensive But Showbiz in Huge Loss

Why Bollywood Stars Still Expensive But Showbiz in Huge Loss ?

One of the experts said today that: “Stars increasing their charges to recover from losses. Powder and liquid sale has increased during pandemic. No income means no outcome for stars —They must not be paying their make up artists, Etc. This, in a lighter-vein means that the Khans and other top stars work hard too much. And to give their level best, whether in appearance or performance 

Another said: “Why Bollywood stars still expensive, is not the question. Just avoid watching movies, ads, where Bollywood stars appear. Let the Bollywood stars know that people are now opened their eyes, not to waste time on entertainment. Learning is the need not wasting money or time watching everything based on fiction. Let Bollywood stars do some other business. And who cares about Bollywood or what top actor appears in advertisements. Quality matters not superstars”. 

The reasonably discussed topic of why Bollywood stars still expensive, is answerable if producers had created opportunities to newcomers. Now, these producers keep on lamenting over stars charging more even for ads. 

Filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri Asks The Question With His Yet Another Tweet

The producers played their dirty role, using more top stars frequently in their projects. But they didn’t yet bother about highly talented newcomers to get an opportunity, from where they were left behind. The suffering of highly talented artistes, is just too much than one could imagine. 

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