Owaisi Wants Seats in UP Ignores Yogi Regaining Power

Owaisi Wants Seats in UP Ignores Yogi Regaining Power

Why Owaisi Wants Seats in UP Ignores Yogi Regaining Power 

Asaduddin Owaisi AIMIM’s President and a voice, from where sometimes all communities benefit. And sometimes, BJP regains power because of spreading hatred while keeping Owaisi on target. He never is afraid of any political party. He’s not bothered about Yogi Adityanath regaining power in Uttar Pradesh(UP). Owaisi wants seats in UP. And that might be at least 10, which would help oppressed people, who are likely to vote for AIMIM. 

Earlier, Owaisi told that his parents kept a good name Asad, so anyone can call him by this name. He accused Yogi calling himself Maharaj or adopting a culture to gain more supporters. Owaisi was asked why then he wears Moulana type dress? He said anyone can wear any type of dress but does it suit a politician to call himself Maharaj? 

The Story Begins… 

Further, Owaisi wants seats in UP, whether few or more to place his candidates on duty to help the sufferers. He’s not at all worried about his entry in Uttar Pradesh will wipe out secular govt. And BJP will regain power.

Meanwhile, he said, “all the secular leaders are in South (including Maharashtra & Kerala). So why AIMIM’s entry in Uttar Pradesh criticized when North India is not in the hold of the secular leaders”. He also said he’s secular, and AIMIM always prefers to benefit people of any religion.  

Owaisi says, the so called secular forces even on top positions are silent whenever atrocities take place over innocents. The big crime is silence when something wrong happens. Secular parties in India become as low as even to match at least 1 leader of BJP. Yes, Owaisi appreciated the leaders of Kerala and some south India leaders. He has no issues with Maharashtra Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray when Thackeray also abused Owaisi. 

The reason for Owaisi to contest 100 AIMIM candidates in Uttar Pradesh is a big step forward. And this big step if successful then his candidates will do something at least good if not the best as people hope for. He’s not bothered if what happened in Bihar, happens here in Uttar Pradesh too. Owaisi also ignores that even if Yogi wins more seats to regain power, it doesn’t matter to him.  

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