Progress On Hold As India Becomes Most Unsafe Country

Progress On Hold As India Becomes Most Unsafe Country

Why Progress On Hold As India Becomes Most Unsafe Country 

Repeated failed promises and repeating of lies, where leaders divert attention of the people in India. India’s progress on hold seems like politicians successful in divide and rule. Poverty, joblessness, hunger, diseases, poor medical facilities for the poor people prevails in India. 

The one, who is rich becoming more rich, while the poor becoming poorest. The middle class is suffering, but they do not plan or do something to raise voices against atrocities over innocents. India has become most unsafe country to live. 

The Story Begins… 

Secular leaders unable to come forward to protect the constitutional rights of the people. Democracy used in a way to benefit fascism in India. Achievers in sports keep hopes alive of the masses to celebrate while politics also highlight sports, in India. Politicians use sports and religion for they think that they’re behind for what all people achieve. 

The use of religion is falsely spread, showing people fabricated history. History in India continues to change as per the requirement of spreading hatred. History speaks volumes, where Indians weren’t troubled based on religion. The British did so dividing people for their cause to loot India. 

Why not keep progress on hold, and nurture hatred for one community, where from politics can be played ? The think tank of the politicians, who had a good opportunity to take India to reach new heights. But, even though in majority, the politicians believe they’ll rule as long as they keep spread of hatred alive. 

Things have become from bad to worse for common man in India. Still if progress on hold is the game plan then there will be a time when India will reach the bottom. The downfall is evident and it’s inevitable if hate crimes happen so frequently or not controlled. 

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