Taliban To Control Afghanistan To Benefit Women Imposing Sharia Law

Taliban To Control Afghanistan To Benefit Women Imposing Sharia Law

Post: Taliban To Control Afghanistan

How Taliban To Control Afghanistan To Benefit Women

The reports are coming in that the United States of America wanted to destroy Taliban. And with all possible ways, but it’s now Taliban almost everywhere in Afghanistan. Taliban to control Afghanistan to benefit women following the imposition of Islamic laws. 

However, Pakistan is welcoming the moves taken up. And is in support of Taliban. The fact is crystal clear that America wanted to stop Taliban. And also since decades, misused their powers to kill millions of innocent Muslims in Iraq and some other Muslim countries including Afghanistan. 

It will be known sooner than later that what Taliban is capable of and will control entire Afghanistan. Already Taliban is looking forward to implement Islamic laws, which include women shouldn’t go out of homes all alone. This is another step forward for the safety of women. This is because women harassed, abused, and raped around the world. 

And almost everywhere in the world thousands of women raped per day. This is all for now. It would be known later that whether Taliban will be a boon or a bane, while Muslim countries not at all United. 

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The Taliban leadership announced that Sharia law will benefit women in Afghanistan. The beginning of a new era for Afghanistan is interesting to know. Taliban to impose Sharia law in Afghanistan, should be appreciated rather than criticized. And because Muslim women, who prefer to do jobs, will be allowed to do so.

The law and order situation in Afghanistan based upon Sharia law, is not an issue. “Sharia law will be imposed on Muslims, which include women shouldn’t go out of homes all alone. Experts, who spoke to Taliban indicated that Taliban leadership in Afghanistan also working for the safety of women. And also allowing women to work, and study. “…it would be women, who would suffer if Sharia law not imposed in Afghanistan”. Said an expert.

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