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Firms Not To Reduce Prices Even If Sales Decrease 

Firms Not To Reduce Prices Even If Sales Decrease 

Why Firms Not To Reduce Prices Even If Sales Decrease 

All firms to follow what Dabur and HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) explained with reasons not to reduce prices. Price inflation will continue to hit India for few more years if benefits to people not provided. People in India least bothered to spend money other than on essentials, where people need to spend indispensably. This shakes Firms not to reduce prices. And as sales dropped creating a situation, where it looks like rock compared with a hard ice. 

The unplanned government’s demonetisation and implementation of GST also drastically hit consumers. Consumers are only bothered about where to spend money and for what? The situation bringing firms together to create strategies, which are keeping GDP at rock bottom. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) scale shows that people not benefited with some help for the losses in their businesses. And experts believe India will become “poorful” from what previously considered as one of the powerful economy around the globe. 

The Story Begins… 

Major issue started when the central govt failed to create jobs. Moreover, joblessness though hit Indians too hard. And then it was balanced later, through major foreign remittances. 

NRIs helping Indian govt while medical industry in India is busy in making money, where from govt have some respite. The biggest issue is, in order to do business politics, the govt would likely to increase oil prices further. And automobiles, construction, medicines, and various luxury needs will again shoot up. Another master-stroke after divide and rule, Etc, can create more trouble to the middle class. 

Earlier, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman, quipped that the govt is not responsible for the rise of petrol price. And she included diesel, cooking oil, cooking gas, Etc. Also when she told the firms are responsible not the govt, firms woken up. And the govt seems to be sleeping for a while. And now the woken up firms not to reduce prices. 

The BJP govt should credit the accounts of the poor with as much as ₹20,000 to each poor family. The State governments do not have that much budget. But the Central govt do have. So, BJP in order to gain trust needs to do this. 

Currently the BJP govt has been criticized by as many as 60% of Indians. The middle class not to raise their voices even if they suffer more from the big crises, India going to face. 

The poor people though get benefit from the middle class while selling their low quality products. But, when elections round the corner 30% of middle class try their best not to vote any party. The poor people do vote and then a mix of other classes, which always can benefit BJP if the trend goes on. 

Why Master Stroke ? 

Each middle class family member have different opinions for voting to whom. They’re currently dependent upon their overseas bread earners. And they, if come forward to vote, then they’ll listen to their financial supporters. And then if it will be told to them to vote for BJP, they’ll do so. 

The reason to bring politics in this critical chaotic situation of rise of prices because economists claimed there’s business in politics. They said BJP thinks politics as business. And people should be divided. So, just one more master stroke would help BJP to regain power while rise of prices continues. 

This slow poisoning of India will destroy Indian economy. And this will happen if another master stroke by BJP helps not the middle class. Crazy crimes and hate crimes continue to tarnish the image of India. Rise of prices will be panicky to one and all, which would be controlled through fake reporting and hate-crimes. BJP has now nothing to talk about Pakistan. But, they’ll come again with another master stroke for sure as many people, particularly the farmers opening their eyes. This is required and Indians shouldn’t fall in the trap because firms not to reduce prices will hit common man. 

Firms Not To Reduce Prices Will Hit Middle Class

Mostly, about 60% of children of middle class families are malnourished. The kids can enjoy certain basic facilities, but are not able to get nutritional food. The rich can even have vegetarian nutritional food, while kids need much more. There’s nothing like outdoor activities for the kids of middle class background. 

Prices not reducing is not the issue. But the rise of prices, keeping young generation to grow up healthy. Online classes, and no physical activities, keeping these middle class kids not too strong. And they’re more affected with viral fever, and unhealthy mindset even when parents keep arguing. 

Indian middle class homes have many issues, and arguments go on between the parents. This, in a way troubles the kids because the parents argue upon rise of prices. And they now badly need prices to come down, else crises after crises looms. Firms do have the benefit of India’s largest population as the biggest market worldwide. But in the last 10 years India’s population not growing though space in India also need to be utilized.

The decline in the rate of population growth might be good. But since India comes under developing nations, then population means strength. 

The middle class affected more with rise of prices and firms not to reduce prices, which many experts anticipated. 

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