Joe Biden Wants To Extend “Deadline” Of Aug 31  

Joe Biden Wants To Extend “Deadline” Of Aug 31  

Read How & With Whom Joe Biden Wants To Extend ‘Deadline’ Of Aug 31  

The Taliban had already set a “deadline” of Aug 31 for Joe Biden to evacuate US troops from Afghanistan. This is not reported in the Asian news channels in detail. Also that Taliban reportedly reminded US President Joe Biden about the “deadline” clearly. It sounds like a threat, which explains why Mr. Biden has been cleverly dealing with Afghan Taliban. President Joe Biden wants to extend “deadline” set by Taliban, which indicates that there have been discussions going on. 

The US media experts claimed that there appears negotiations between Joe Biden and Taliban. 

According to “This is an incredible position for a U.S. Commander in Chief. And that’s all but ordered by the Taliban to leave their country by a nearing date, which’s certain. And even if it means leaving Americans and Afghan allies behind. President Biden has put himself and his country in this position. The position by which Biden had limited his deployment of US forces in number and location at the Kabul airport”. 

The Afghan Taliban already humiliated President Joe Biden when former US President Donald Trump also claimed. “They’re good fighters, I agree but it’s humiliating for America. I already told them that America would attack Afghanistan fiercely”. Laments former President Donald Trump while saying Taliban as good fighters. 

Also the British press reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson to lobby Mr. Biden to extend the Aug 31-deadline. It’s like Mr. Biden maybe willing to take notice of the ultimatums from the Afghan Taliban. However, it’s not crystal clear that how many US troops stranded in Afghanistan ? And also the “deal” itself is the defeat of America. 

The Story Begins…

If you put more light to know whether Taliban actually triumphed in Afghanistan against USA or not — ? It looks like a gamble, where US pulled out as losers, which exposed Taliban as good and bad. This is so because the World already seen, right from the British to the Soviet Union — lost the battle to conquer Afghanistan. That was way back until USA used multiple forces to destroy Afghanistan as what USA did to Iraq, Etc. Millions were killed post 9/11 and Afghanistan was bleeding. Iraq was destroyed almost — USA claimed at that time the Iraq’s possession of chemical weapons. And in chaos, Saddam Hussain didn’t fled anywhere — He was also killed alongside mass destructions. 

Whatever might be the reason, America still stands as the most powerful country. Every plan has some preparations to execute. This time USA didn’t execute everything at their best. Yes, America too wanted to fight in Afghanistan to play a role towards getting a lot. America spent over a Trillion dollars — supporting Ashraf Ghani and couldn’t do much than accept the defeat to gain more or benefit from Taliban — Later on. 

However, more than 20 years of battle ended in a deal, which’s still not known that it was actually a “deal”. Experts also mocked that in 2021, America lost miserably to Afghanistan. There’s lot more to know in the coming weeks that which way Afghan Taliban would go. There are various fake reports about Taliban circulating while some interesting facts awaiting. Time will explain the strength of Afghanistan and with their upcoming relations with different countries. The question — Why Joe Biden wants to extend the “deadline”, which’s set by Taliban will be known too, in sometime. 

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