Telangana To Review Decision of Opening Of Schools

Telangana To Review Decision of Opening Of Schools

The Telangana State gov’t recently announced that all schools and institutions should open up for classes in person. Previously all schools since more than a year conducting online classes at their level best to teach students. Students were used to the online mode of schools, where the school fee too, a bit less for the parents to bear. Now, the schools demanding normal fee or more for in person classes, creating heavy traffic. This is again a wake up call, which not only built heavy rush on the roads but also in the schools. While experts keep arguing, the gov’t of Telangana to review decision. Schools not following social distancing in the classrooms is also worrying.

Chief Minister KCR, earlier told that the best education is always through in person. But it seems that online mode of classes are here for all students to adapt. There’s a little to more woes of the third wave of coronavirus. If anything goes bad because of increase of COVID cases, then everything will go from bad to worse.

Telangana to review decision of opening schools because experts say it doesn’t matter even if Telangana takes a U-turn. The U-turn will be of benefit to keep going well during the pandemic crises. And a surge in “cases” wouldn’t be good. It will be chaos if another lockdown imposed. Currently, the life is normal as people taking precautions. So, the best and proper precaution also will be to make students learn online or study online.

The common thought going on among Telangana State people including the Hyderabad people, is: That the Pandemic gone away. Since, there’s heavy rush as schools resume functioning, people thinking not to take precautions. This needs to be understood.

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