Bikers Fined Much More As Car Drivers Escape From Traffic Police Eyes

Bikers Fined Much More As Car Drivers Escape From Traffic Police Eyes

It’s interesting to know that traffic police can’t stop cars on roads to fine them in order to let free traffic flow. Also there will be traffic jam if cars stopped. But bikers fined much more than car drivers. Bike people also pay taxes and use expensive petrol to commute from one place to another. It’s good if police stops a bike carrying three to four people. But if bikers caught for not wearing helmets? So, the car drivers also need to be caught for not wearing seat belts. Remember, mostly the income of the bikers is lesser than that of the car owners.

Traffic police collects huge fines or challan from the bikers than from the car owners. This is ignored since a very longtime. But do the govt realize that the police is against the bikers for even their minor mistakes. Not wearing of helmets is a big mistake, but again if one or two bikers use the side of the road. Not driving through the middle of the roads, caught easily and will be heavily fined. However, car owners or car drivers escape from eyes of the traffic police. This is something, which needs to be explained. Why bikers, who are mostly from middle class troubled more than the rich car owners?

The govt should do justice in both cases. Do the same with the car owners too. The question is why bikers fined much more?

Bikers Fined Much More But…

Do know this because you won’t be surprised to know that there are special roads such as express ways built for car owners. But none for the bikers and three wheelers (Autos). They too need something to enjoy travelling. Bikers and autos often pushed to the corner of the road as cars drive in such a way to keep them away. Also cars don’t allow any biker to pass from the space, which they keep closing. One car comes near another vehicle to fill the gap, not allowing bikers to pass through the gaps.


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