Uttar Pradesh Elections To Expose People Voting Yogi To Gain What

Uttar Pradesh Elections To Expose People Voting Yogi To Gain What

The disasters in Uttar Pradesh, where even abandoned COVID dead bodies in the rivers also misinformed as “Jal Samadhi”. “Jal Samadhi” means Hindus can immerse dead bodies of their loved ones in the lakes or rivers. Every anti Yogi claim used to be defended so well, but only few people did so to support Yogi Adityanath, the current Chief Minister of UP. The question is are there still too many supporters of Yogi in Uttar Pradesh while ignoring his failures. Uttar Pradesh elections to expose people, who will still be in large numbers when Yogi Adityanath will sit in the Chief Minister’s chair again.

Discussions of jobs, unemployment, rise of poverty, or any other issues, which used to be discussed earlier, so far not included in Yogi’s speeches. It shows that still people want to listen to what Yogi intend to say or keep saying. He can say whatever he wants to or in whatever way he can speak in order to divert the attention of the masses. People in large numbers if vote BJP in UP again, then this will expose how hate crimes aren’t a problem.

The spread of hatred will go on and the fake news will be more in circulation. A worse scenario will be that Uttar Pradesh elections to expose the intentions of what people think about. If they vote in large numbers to the BJP.

It’s difficult to digest, but it’s true that so many crimes in India against innocents ignored. The terrorists or hate spreaders given ticket to contest in the election. BJP favors criminals to be a part of their party. This if continues, then India will be in deep trouble.


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