Chocolate Ganesh Idols Pleases Worshipers For Eco Friendliness

Chocolate Ganesh Idols Pleases Worshipers For Eco Friendliness

It’s not new though, where chocolate Ganesh idols seen too many these days while they’re since three years in circulation. The sales increased as people or worshipers prefer chocolate Ganesh idols over clay. Earlier, Ganesh idols used to be made of plastic or plaster of Paris. The new generation Ganesh idols have found the way to make worshiping and protecting of atmosphere easier. Celebrities from Bollywood film industry also started purchasing Ganesh idols made out of various materials. The craze for chocolate Ganesh idols is on the rise in India.

Groups of people in different areas across India also marketing Ganesh idols made of chocolate. A news correspondent asked a few questions while not all were answered. However, one such answer given to the questioner, who asked too many questions is:

“Chocolate Ganesh idols not allowed to consume while they are made for worshiping and finally will be immersed in the waters. People can taste these Ganesh idols and show their love for chocolate not more than the idols. They can lick the idols and keep at the best place in their homes for worshiping. Later, they can drown these chocolate idols in the lakes or rivers”. It was learned so far. Mostly, Hindus celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. But it has become a trend in Bollywood, where almost all actors, particularly the Khans also celebrating the Hindu festival. 

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Mostly, Hindus celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. But it has become a trend in Bollywood, where almost all actors, particularly the Khans also celebrating the Hindu festival. 

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