Faheem Younus Updates On Pandemic Make Indonesian People Thankful

Faheem Younus Updates On Pandemic Make Indonesian People Thankful

The updates of Dr. Faheem Younus on Twitter are so good that even people from Indonesia keep appreciating about. They’re following Dr. Faheem Younus updates and acting upon. Also people from many other underdeveloped countries taking the pandemic seriously after they learned from Dr. Faheem Younus Tweets.

People from India too looking to get vaccinated and so on. However, Dr. Faheem Younus updates on pandemic make Indonesians aware of taking precautions. Also people from Indonesia keep thanking the infectious disease Chief from Maryland, USA. The Chief of infectious diseases retweeted one of such reply to him.

Indonesia was in too much trouble to fight against the pandemic Covid-19. The people of Indonesia were least bothered of taking precautions. Wearing of masks, social distancing, vaccinations etc. were not in their minds. Now they’re coming forward to listen what’s good. Hence, the cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia also coming down since about a couple of weeks. The world will be safe if everyone is safe.  

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