New Zealand To Abandon Pakistan Tour Following Security Alert

New Zealand To Abandon Pakistan Tour Following Security Alert

New Zealand not to stay in Pakistan for anymore cricket this month or coming months. The blackcaps looks towards cancelling their tour of Pakistan following a New Zealand government security alert. Arrangements going on for the team’s departure. A New Zealand media reported. Pakistan claims it’s safer now for foreign cricketers to visit the nation. However, the claims turned down when a security alert posed threat to the Kiwi cricketers, who will be likely to return back. Pakistani cricket fans also shocked when New Zealand to abandon Pakistan tour made it clear as a sense of security alert. It’s not a bad move.  

It’s again playing in Pakistan becomes not safe because of this reason, which would keep some other nations also in doubts. The security alert means a lot. The cancellation of the tour of New Zealand makes it clear that many nations wouldn’t visit Pakistan for sometime. The pandemic crises has been controlled in Pakistan to a great extent. Now, the crises of security for visitors or tourists pops up. Following New Zealand’s cancelation of playing cricket in Pakistan, various other top teams like Australia and England would also do so.

Since more than couple of decades, almost all the cricket playing nations turned down visiting Pakistan and preferred India. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh also benefited with, which points at security, not allowing foreign cricketers to tour Pakistan. Earlier, few tours of foreign cricket players including that of Sri Lanka’s were cancelled. This highlights that Pakistan is not necessarily a safe country to visit. It also puts lot of pressure on the govt of Pakistan. On many occasions, Pakistan provided high security to the foreign cricketers.

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