Vaccinated People Can Say Pandemic Finished When 2021 Ends

Vaccinated People Can Say Pandemic Finished When 2021 Ends

“There is a good chance that years later… we will realize that the pandemic… was effectively over in the late summer of 2021 (now) for the healthy, vaccinated or COVID recovered people”. Pointed Dr. Faheem Younus. It’s good to know more about vaccinations, which are helping people live the way they can. They’re the ones, who are safe to a great extent. Vaccinated people can say pandemic finished, once 2021 is over. Two severely affected years 2020 and 2021 when gone in the past, the pandemic will be finished. But not for the unvaccinated people.

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You can see the above chart, in which 93% of people are hospitalized because they’re not vaccinated. The list also includes partially vaccinated and fully vaccinated. It’s now estimated that when this year ends, people, who are vaccinated fully can say goodbye to the pandemic.

Time and again people around the world taught much about the benefit of vaccinations. Some listen and some are still against vaccination. Don’t listen to anyone, talk to the doctors and take your own decision. People also have some kind of tendencies to wait and watch for when and how pandemic will grow to cover more people. They think the lifestyle of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing will be there forever. Some people also don’t take precautions and are against vaccinations.

The myth is vaccination kills. The truth is vaccination protects you and your family to be admitted in hospitals.

Do you really want to be safe? Or do you want to save your time, which will be spent in hospitals? Get vaccinated.

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