AIMIM Targets All Secular Parties of UP Needs To Walk Carefully

AIMIM Targets All Secular Parties of UP Needs To Walk Carefully

There’s no legit reason for Asaduddin Owaisi to criticize secular parties in Uttar Pradesh. He’s supposed to contest 100 candidates of AIMIM in Uttar Pradesh (UP). Mayawati of BSP also speaking against Akhilesh Yadav, which will in sometime help BJP. Owaisi needs to be careful while pointing fingers at secular parties. Earlier, AIMIM contested in 38 seats and lost or wiped off from UP. Now, when AIMIM targets all secular parties, then what’s that good for Muslims in UP coming up from AIMIM? AIMIM can win 5 to 10 seats. That’s good. Or as much as 30 seats in UP. So, why AIMIM targets all secular parties like what BSP is doing in UP? 

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Akhilesh Yadav (Samajwadi Party)

The Story Begins…

Akbaruddin Owaisi also lamented, shouted, cried and told the Muslims in UP that AIMIM had spent about 12 Cr. during the Hyderabad floods and pandemic crises. Furthermore, he was so emotional in his speech that he made people or Muslims to applaud at him when he said he gave blood to AIMIM. “Main Ne Khoon Diya Hai”. Means he has polished AIMIM with his blood. Now, if Owaisi or whenever Owaisi targets BJP, then there will be an immediate reaction from BJP. That’s what makes BJP gain from AIMIM. It’s a do or die situation for BJP and secular parties in UP. But it’s not so for AIMIM. So, AIMIM needs to walk carefully from now onwards.

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Simply if AIMIM targets all secular parties along with BJP, then what happened in West Bengal awaits the same in UP too for AIMIM. Again, AIMIM’s record in Uttar Pradesh is very bad, So, it’s good to be clear with what the intentions. No coalition, no agreement with Secular Parties keeps Owaisi Angry. But he would have done so. Every secular party other than BSP is against BJP. AIMIM is known to help the Minorities. It’s also secular party but can’t get secular votes. So what? That’s It.

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