Middleclass In Uttar Pradesh Favors Yogi or Akhilesh

Middleclass In Uttar Pradesh Favors Yogi or Akhilesh

Middleclass in Uttar Pradesh favors Yogi Adityanath or Akhilesh Yadav in order to live a better life post 2022 Uttar Pradesh elections. Some Muslims also will be voting to AIMIM. That’s reasonable. People do favor to the politicians because the “politicians” supposed to fulfill the promises that they used to make. There are four classes of people in India, who’re not as much suffering as the middleclass and the poor. Middleclass always surprises because each member of the family votes differently to different political parties.

However, in Uttar Pradesh, the middleclass is suffering since a longtime. Though they might be safe from hate-crimes or mob-lynching, middleclass people of all religions have a lot to say. Middleclass in Uttar Pradesh is quite different and have woken up than what’s mindset is across other parts of India. Loss of jobs is an issue, which have crossed limits in Uttar Pradesh.

Middleclass also worried over rise of prices of the necessities or commodities in Uttar Pradesh. Yogi Adityanath is a religious leader, who’s called as a Hindu monk. So, why people want Swamis, Pandits, Maulanas, Popes or Monks to manage politics anywhere in India. The case of India is unique, where Muslims and Hindus still favor each other and get along well. They do not speak about religion in their discussions, while they speak about other issues also, rarely. They’re good friends (Hindus & Muslims). You follow your religion and I follow my religion always they used to say so if asked.

People Vote For What?

Every State in India thinking differently. People want good governance than lectures of religious teachings. They vote in favor of those political parties, who are likely to benefit them as soon as possible. BJP shows people of India about their previous achievements, which aren’t substantial, and also never often speaks about long-term goals. The use of words in a loud and clear voice comes in the rescue of BJP or even keeps them favorites.

AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi though a mere MP of Hyderabad keeps speaking against top leaders. That’s not an issue for BJP, but AIMIM when contests with too many candidates pushes other political parties on backfoot. Young Akhilesh Yadav also was the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, looking to cash in from the failures of Yogi Adityanath. How then the middleclass react to his claims or at least think that handicapped uncle is better than no uncle. So, Yogi here in Uttar Pradesh is like “no uncle”. He’s in his own world though he has enmity with many communities what good he has done so far for his own community?

People of Uttar Pradesh need to start thinking as much as people of West Bengal, Telangana State, Kerala, and so on. Thus, their votes would not be wasted. Votes never will be wasted because either your votes will help your enemy or your friend. There are these two things, which often coming in the minds of the middleclass in Uttar Pradesh. Leave aside the middleclass people of other states because their votes have no values. The votes of poor people and the rich matters a lot in other States of India.

Yogi is in deep trouble to speak what, in order to benefit BJP and also to regain his position as Chief Minister. If he fails in Uttar Pradesh, then the trend of 10 years of BJP rule and 10 years of Congress rule in India, would likely to go on and on.

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