Pakistan Contributes IPL 10% Of Viewership As Cricket Crazy Fans Keep Watching

Pakistan Contributes IPL 10% Of Viewership As Cricket Crazy Fans Keep Watching

Many would say, it’s a blessing in disguise for India when New Zealand cancelled playing anymore cricket in Pakistan. That was the instant reaction. IPL viewership increased at that moment when New Zealand took U-turn. IPL revenue depends substantially on Television Ads. You can see not many companies advertising their products for Indian viewers. India’s cricket crazy fans watching IPL in the UAE live from the stadiums. The viewership increased more as Pakistan contributes IPL to about 10% as per the data released, where India stands to benefit as much as about 45%.

Pakistan Contributes IPL 10%

The Western countries also watching IPL. These countries include the Gulf (also UAE) contributing to about 30%. About 15% of viewership is not disclosed or in the process of progress of the accurate data to be released soon. Pakistani fans disappointed as soon as Kiwis left after staying for about 6 days in Pakistan. The move of New Zealand already benefited IPL. All was going too good for Pakistan, where few other countries also about to visit the cricket crazy nation. T20 cricket World Cup is round the corner. With this experience of playing IPL T20 cricket in front of packed stadiums in UAE, India is likely to do good in the upcoming T20 World Cup.

It’s too easy for New Zealand to claim security issue in order to discontinue playing in Pakistan. This is so because of the recent developments in Afghanistan. However, it’s good to know that cricket crazy Pakistan contributes IPL,  watching on Television and some of the Pakistanis also watching from many parts of the World. In UAE, people from many other nations including India also watching in large numbers. Not only IPL watched live as in person crowd turning up in UAE, but TV watching also makes IPL successful.

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