Xi Jinping discussed Imran Khan Ideas with America

Xi Jinping discussed Imran Khan Ideas with America

United States leader Joe Biden and Chinese leader, finally spoke on telephone. The White House and China’s state media confirmed the phone-call between World’s top two leaders. The two men spoke early morning, about two weeks back. The discussion lasted about 90 minutes. A US-China relationship would be good for the top two world’s economies to fight against the various crises, business and much more. This was reported by aljazeera.com on Sept 10, 2021. Earlier, Mr. Jinping known as Xi (pronounced as chi) spoke to Pakistani leader Imran Khan before the US-China phone call took place. Xi Jinping discussed Imran Khan ideas, which were valuable for him to highlight in the phone call.

This has put Pakistan on some level though there was poor leaderships before Imran Khan era damaged the image of Pakistan to a great extent. 

It seems the cricket-world-cup-winning-captain and Oxford University graduate Imran Khan reasonably keeps shining. It’s not bad to speak good about India’s enemy country leader. It’s not surprising to know that due to poor leadership of Narendra Modi, some portion of India’s land given away to China. Also it’s not shocking to know that India’s leader took India towards various crises. The crises of joblessness in India tops the list, including the sufferings of the farmers.

Pakistan leader is honest because when questioned, he keeps learning to take Pakistan towards progress. On the other hand India’s progress is on the decline. One could find almost all reports in India make fun of Pakistani leader Imran Khan. This if continues, who has time to read about failures of India? If Narendra Modi’s leadership questioned then it would make sense than mocking always at Pakistan. Is it not worth to know that Xi Jinping discussed Imran Khan Ideas with Joe Biden?

How India to Learn From Pakistan?

Irrespective of the title of the post: Xi Jinping discussed Imran Khan Ideas…, there will be three paragraphs to follow to know where India stands, firstly.

Paragraph 1: Imran Khan started leading the country for more ups than downs for the people of Pakistan. Terrorists killed on a spree. Imran Khan dealt well with the pandemic, where was in need of learning from Pakistan without imposing lockdowns. India didn’t do this. Kashmiris are still fighting for their rights. The fake inside Pulwama attack was exposed after the Pilot (Abhinandan Varthaman) sent to India as a peace gesture to initiate talks to resolve Kashmir issue. India didn’t realized that when media in India started making fun of Imran Khan.

They also praised the pilot as much a one many army. You know why the pilot’s interview still hidden? Well, people of Pakistan were wrong to highlight after Abhinandan said: “The tea was fantastic”, when he was offered tea and his requirements fulfilled including his dress cleaned, given time to take rest before he was sent to India.

Just Read A Bit More… 2, 3 & 4…

Paragraph 2: It doesn’t make any sense for India to abrogate article 370 from Kashmir and push the lives of 80 million Kashmiris in trouble. Internet wasn’t restored until recently. Innocent people were restricted from moving around freely in Kashmir as armed forces as much as 800,000 putting too much pressure. There were many atrocities and still many innocent lives troubled. This might go a long to say the least, India could have learned from Pakistan. How Pakistan treats people of other religions or the minorities of Pakistan. The minorities in Pakistan have better life than the minorities of Northern part of India. Mob-lynching, rapes, arrests on false claims still go on in India. This never going to help India instead put India in deep trouble.

Paragraph 3: A religious place destroyed in Pakistan, early in 2021, which was a temple belongs to Hindus. The temple was reconstructed and handed over to the Hindus (A minority of Pakistan). That’s a good lesson to the Pakistani criminal Muslims when they were also arrested. India, on the other hand ignores if Masjids destroyed just too many. Also ignored the violence against Muslims in Delhi before the pandemic started. Hate speeches go on everywhere in India against Muslims, which the BJP govt keeps on ignoring. RSS is a terrorist group, which BJP denies. To eliminate terrorism in India or to put India on progress, BJP shows blind eyes. What Xi Jinping discussed with America were a few ideas of Imran Khan, which are useful for the progress. That’s where countries need to move forward.

4 Finally, Ignore What Xi Jinping Discussed Imran Khan Ideas…

India always underestimates Pakistan, competes with Pakistan than developed nations. If India hit with some calamity, some leaders will be happy that they’re better than the neighboring country. Just note that Pakistan is moving towards progress though a bit slow while India has too many issues. India needs to wake up and stand against hate crimes. Just arresting innocents and leaving the top criminals on bail would not going to help India, anymore. Why in order to protect Hinduism hate crimes consistently go on in India.

The best way to protect Hinduism is start teaching Hindus about Hinduism otherwise many Hindus would become Atheists. Yes, there are so many young Hindus in India, who don’t follow their own religion. It doesn’t matter to the World if hatred of Islam goes on in India, but this would affect India adversely.   

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