If BJP Loses Uttar Pradesh 2022 Elections

If BJP Loses Uttar Pradesh 2022 Elections

Opposition parties need to start from scratch rebuilding UP (Uttar Pradesh) if BJP loses Uttar Pradesh upcoming 2022 elections.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on his 7th visit to America since 2014, media started creating fake news. Some channels also reporting that New York court summons Modi as soon as he arrived in USA. This is fake. Many BJP followers started speaking in favor of BJP that many things changed in India since the last 7 years. That’s true but only to stop India from progress, where India was too good even during the recession period before BJP’s special “since 2014”.

This made India lose much and put India’s poor and middle class people to suffer since 2014. More crimes as heinous as they’re, going on in North India, particularly, Uttar Pradesh is in deep trouble.

Well, there is a major coalition problem too.

SP and BSP would not come together to form a coalition and also AIMIM has many issues of coalition. Congress becomes a threat for BJP if SP decides to build coalition with Congress. AAP is gaining some kind of support from the people of Uttar Pradesh. Yogi Adityanath’s role as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to benefit with majority votes, have now questioned. If BJP loses Uttar Pradesh, then their loss will be the downfall of BJP to start. In 2024, BJP will be in trouble to regain another five years of rule if the much hyped party loses in Uttar Pradesh.

The Rise Of Fall Of BJP In UP…

That’s far and away. The opposition even if defeats BJP on alliance or coalition, they’ve to show what good they’ll be doing right before 2024. BJP criminalized every State. Issues like mob lynching, rapes, could be controlled if opposition replaces BJP in Uttar Pradesh. Much needed medical facilities, creation of jobs, providing means of sustenance to the poor, and middleclass would be a challenge.

Yes, BJP lovers are turning to BJP haters because of Yogi Adityanath’s wrong policies and maintenance of governance. The way people of Uttar Pradesh troubled since 2017, will be highlighted again. If people want a bit of good to happen in Uttar Pradesh or anywhere else in India, then there will be the rise of fall of BJP to begin. The opposition party, whoever might be, need to start from scratch in Uttar Pradesh without bothering to relax.

They need to work more hard to keep fulling the promises they made to the people if BJP loses Uttar Pradesh in few months. That would be possible if people prefer to find out cleverly; to which party they should vote. Yes, primary goal for most of the people is to defeat BJP, but how? They need to work out.

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