Bigg Boss 2021 Is Huge Investment For Earning More Later

Bigg Boss 2021 Is Huge Investment For Earning More Later

The Bigg Boss concept is not unique. Based upon Big Brother (English Reality Show), but the “impact” declining every year. So, the reason for the reality show to come up with yet another seasonal show even though IPL 2021 is also ongoing means business. Bigg Boss fans won’t compromise. Yet, there would be reasonably lower viewing as T20 World Cup also to follow IPL 2021. This season will be so entertaining as Team Bigg Boss leader Salman Khan (Anchor too) looking for 2022 and beyond. It’s not surprising that Bigg Boss 2021 spends huge money without expecting huge returns.

The Bigg Boss management though spent huge money this year, there will be no money making intent to divert viewers attention from cricket. Three things Salman Khan highlighted before the premier show on Oct 2, 2021.

What Salman Khan Said

  1. Reasons are too many to live a life full of joy. Aren’t you see losses also can be managed well. Looking forward for the future, maybe 2022 or 2023.
  2. Do it now to make things benefit you, otherwise a good opportunity gone away is like learning horse-riding to join the race again. Let’s do our duty this year too and wait even for two more years to make money.
  3. Watching Bigg Boss 2021 is as good as speaking to me, and even if you’re quite, you’ll understand better to answer whenever I ask you. Don’t miss a single episode.

The last 5 words of his third quote says a lot. It says, “don’t miss a single episode”. There will be not much fun in IPL 2021 when it comes to cricket because sometimes the match would be one-sided. Here, viewers would 100% shift or change the channel from IPL to watch what’s happening in most watched TV show Bigg Boss. Well, this is why viewers would be the “game changers” for this year’s Bigg Boss.

Spending huge money for this year’s show is only for the outcome, which will be too good when they’ve have enough to spend. So, all businesses look forward and invest more now. Do not wait for too long. Things will be good or even better after couple of years. Advertisement income is not a worry, the ads shown though would be less but the end result is the show, which goes on. It will be heard, listened, watched in large numbers not this year but maybe in 2023. The game is on.

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