Wasim Jaffer Releases Pressure For PBKS Batters To Win Or Lose?

Wasim Jaffer Releases Pressure For PBKS Batters To Win Or Lose?

Sunil Gavaskar spoke to India’s class Test batting opener Wasim Jaffer, who is also the batting coach of PBKS (Punjab). “Sunny Bhai”. Responded Jaffer saying he wanted to release pressure for the top PBKS batters like Mayank Agarwal and KL Rahul. So far, PBKS doing well. As Wasim Jaffer releases pressure for PBKS batters, he also included that the management is so kind. It’s not over yet, while Punjab opening pair playing too good and without loss scoring at a high run-rate. RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) were restricted to score less than 170. PBKS bowled well and the RCB finished up at 167/7.

Cricket icon Sunil Gavaskar was impressed the way Wasim Jaffer spoke to him. Gavaskar asked him why Jaffer and his franchisee coordinators made changes in the PBKS batting line up? Simply the answer was to release pressure off the top batters, who are consistently doing well. So, Nicholas Pooran also can bat freely after the fall of KL Rahul’s wicket, if not tonight but in the next match. Fair enough isn’t it?

Also “Sunny Bhai” (Sunil Gavaskar) as Wasim Jaffer calls him, said it’s always very nice to speak to PBKS batting coach Jaffer. The game is on as Punjab lost two quick wickets.

The IPL match between RCB and PBKS looks one-sided though very interesting one, and the winning probability for PBKS is just about 40%. Now, it looks good to see smiles on the face of Preity Zinta too. Jaffer is also doing his duty not bad than just making changes in the PBKS batting. What’s interesting is the ability of RCB bowlers to bowl tidy at the end overs. This would push PBKS behind as Preity Zinta will be animated again to show her sad face. That’s a major cause of worry for PBKS. Let’s see.

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