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My Love Is Blonde Not Blind Re Yaar

My Love Is Blonde Not Blind Re Yaar

My Love Is Blonde Not Blind Re Yaar!  (Part -1)

Me: Meri Jaan, kahan hai tu? Aisa kya busy hogaya tu? Means my love, where are you? How come, you’re so busy?

He: No yaar! Koun Ghanta Busy hai, aish karna, masti karna, Kaam Karo sojao”. No, my friend, how can I be that much busy. Ghanta means that much. Aish Karna means keep enjoying. Masti karna means be in a state of goodtime. Kaam Karo Sojao means do work and sleep.   

Me: Oh, I see, you do nothing, still saying that you do work?

He: Light le Yaar. Means take it easy. Just one thing I would say love kisse karrun? To whom should I love. Koun hai who lucky girl apne college mein? Who’s that lucky girl in our college? Natasha, Sania, Anuradha ya (or) Pooja?

Me: Chaar ke naam leliya bas! Aage mat badna. Four names you have pointed. Don’t go further. Meri sapno ki raani to Tanya hai, very beautiful blonde. My dream girl is Tanya. Don’t ever look at her.

He: Tu to pele jayega love mein aur mere liye love is just time pass: For you love is blind and for me love is enjoyment. Phirbhi tu usko blonde bolra? Still, you want to say her blonde? Matlab kya re blonde ka? What blonde means?

My Love Is Blonde Not Blind Re Yaar…

What’s Blonde?

Me: Blonde ka matlab Tanya. Blonde means Tanya (Girl’s name)

He: Paani hai re baat clear hogayee: Understood what you said clearly. Go blind mere yaar! Congrats on your pehla pyar. Bachche bhi ho tujhko chaar! Go blind my friend. Congrats on your first love. May you have four kids.

Me: Abe woh haan bolna baaki hai, date karna baaki hai. Bachche to door ki baat abhi shaadi ke liye raazi karna baaki hai. Still, she needs to say yes. I have to date her. It’s too soon to think about kids while I’ve to make her agree to marry me. My Love Is Blonde Not Blind Re Yaar…  

He Googled

He: Achcha main google kara Blonde boleto baal batara. I have googled and it’s saying blonde means hair. Kounse aur kahan ke baal re? Which and from where the hair you said?

Me: Blonde ke kai saare meanings hai. Blonde has so many meanings.

He: Achcha tu mila mere ku Tanya se? Right, let me meet your blonde Tanya.

Me: Teeq hai: Ok.

He: Kya teeq hai re chall laga phone usko. What’s Ok, call her now.

Me: Mere paas uska number nahi hai. I don’t have her number to call her.

He: Langoor ko number nai maloom angoor ka aur bolta Pyaar karta hai. Waah! Pyaar ki ABC maloom Tereku? Monkey knows not the number of grapes. Slurs like languor used to mock guys while saying grapes (Angoor) to pretty women. Further, he says love’s ABC is unknown to me.  

Me: Woh kya hai Pyaar ki ABC? What’s that love’s ABC…

He: A boleto Aashiqui, B boleto Bindaas, aur C boleto Chained. A means affair, B means Straightforward and C is chain.  

Me: Matlab, Aashiqui Bindaas Chained.

My Love Is Blonde Not Blind Re Yaar…           

My Love Is Blonde Not Blind Re Yaar!  (Part -2)

He: Kya chaal hai uski waah waah! He’s saying what a catwalk she doing!

Me: Dekh yehi hai Tanya! I said, see, she’s Tanya…

He: Achcha! Ye nai Tere Haath aane wali: She’ll not come closer to you.

Me: Haath Aaye Naa Aye, Hum to Dil Dechuke hain. What’s my fault after all? I’m already in love.   

He: Darna Mat, Chal Mere saath, aaj Tere liye kuch karta hoon. Don’t worry, I will do good for you.  

Me: Kya? What?

He: Just wait.

Me: Ok.

He: Hello Tanya, kaisi ho? Hello Tanya, how are you?  

She: I’m alright, may I know you?

He: Not me, you should know him. Ye Pagal tumse pyar karta hai. Dekho iske Aankhon mein. He loves you madly, look his eyes.  

She: So, you’re Mr. Dhanush?

Me: Yes.

She: Sorry man! I’m already engaged to someone. Just leave dreaming of me.

He: See your love is blind. Forget her!

My Love Is Blonde Not Blind Re Yaar…

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My Love Is Blonde Not Blind Re Yaar!  (Part -3)

He: Abey Saale, kitna peeyega? You idiot, how much you’ll drink?

Me: Jeena Hai to Peena Hai. Jeenede Aur Peenede. To live I’ve to drink. Let me drink to live.  

He: Mat kar Pyaar ka naam badnaam. Don’t spoil the name of love.  

Me: Ab aur Kuch nahi hai mera Kaam. Nothing’s left for me to do.  

He: Marjayega karke Pyaar pe Ilzaam. You’ll die while cursing love.  

Me: Ab hosh mein aana Nahi hai mujhe zindagi Tamaam. I don’t have to be conscious forever.  

He: Dekh Duniya mein Haseen aur Bhi hai: There are many beautiful girls around the world.

Me: Pyaar ka naam ek nahin aur bhi hai. Ishq, Mohabbat, aur Aashiqui. Usne mere Pyaar ko tuhkraya to kya? Main Usko Patakar Saans Lunga Mohabbat Ki. Love has multiple names. Ishq, Mohabbat, Aashiqui. She rejected my love; I’ll make her fall in love with me.  

He: Jaa Kar Kuch…Aisa Nai hota Dum Maaro Dum. Do something. Don’t be sad and stuck.

My Love Is Blonde Not Blind Re Yaar…

Live Your Way

Me: I admire you. Hope, we’ll be good friends, if not lovers.

Tanya: This is your weakness. Tell me about your strengths.

Me: I can die for you. 

Tanya: Lol. It’s again a weakness. 

Me: Can we have coffee together.

Tanya: I had it a moment back. 

Me: Let’s have ice-cream. 

Tanya: So, you’ve nothing more to dream? 

Me: You’re my only dream. My dreamlife is being with you.  

Tanya: Yes, you can be a good friend. Let’s go with destiny. Agree with your friendship. Hope it will be good for you to stop drinking and live a healthy life. See, if things go fine, we’ll be close and together.  

My Love Is Blonde Not Blind Re Yaar…

Khalid M Raza

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