Priyanka Gandhi Exposed BJP Again Acting Against Law

Priyanka Gandhi Exposed BJP Again Acting Against Law

“There’s no law & order in the country at present and since 2014 BJP keeps playing tricks to keep opposition parties silent”. Said Priyanka Gandhi in support of Akhilesh Yadav too. “Where’s the police force when a BJP leader’s son rode his car over the farmers?”. Also questioned Priyanka Gandhi. When a spokesperson asked why BJP is doing so, is it because of political sensitivity as Uttar Pradesh Elections round the corner? Priyanka Gandhi exposed BJP while saying, the BJP has become intolerant. BJP has no good to show. They’re doing whatever nuisance they want to. It’s not political sensitivity to look upon Uttar Pradesh Elections, it’s “pure crime”, BJP keeps committing.

The police force stopped Mrs. Gandhi from going anywhere for what? Why police force is used as criminals to push whomsoever away looks as threating to expose BJP crimes? Farmers lives are of no importance to the BJP, why this game of BJP not shown to say the least innocent people troubled. Why should I be stopped from going anywhere? Who is making me sit at home. Why can’t the law and order maintained? Where’s the protection? Why not the police do the duty to protect innocents instead of following what BJP orders them to? Is this the India we want to see? This way, Priyanka Gandhi exposed BJP, claiming it’s gone out of limit.

When police pushed her backwards, Priyanka said: “You’re attempting to molest. Forcibly, doing physical assault. Attempting to kidnap. Go back. Learn to talk good with Women. You’ve no right”. So, she exposed police while she also condemned BJP’s policy of using police as criminals.

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