After Long Wait Kuch Kuch Hone Laga To Release On YouTube

After Long Wait Kuch Kuch Hone Laga To Release On YouTube

After Long Wait Kuch Kuch Hone Laga To Release On YouTube

All eyes on the UAE based company. A Nepal artiste group based in Sharjah, has finally made their regular viewers informed to watch and enjoy the musical Hindi Album. The musical song, a Hindi solo, after a long wait Kuch Kuch Hone Laga to release on YouTube soon. You can also watch the Hindi song on Nepal Television, which would be on a later date. Recorded at Siena Studio Sharjah (UAE). Models include key performers – male and female artistes. Directed by Arjun Bhandari. A beautiful and a rich voice of the singer: Samundra Khatiwada made the song melodious. Samundra Khatiwada is also the music composer. Lyrics written by: Khalid M. Raza. An Arjun Bhandari project.

Your best wishes and views, likes and shares matters a lot to the team, who did a lot for this upcoming song, after a long wait Kuch Kuch Hone Laga is round the corner.

A Poster Released For The Upcoming Song On Oct 9, 2021

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You’ll be delighted to know, the lyrics in courtesy to In Hand Writer, penned by Khalid M. Raza. The team has worked so hard to come up with a Hindi Album on YouTube this time after some Nepali Albums. One of the most popular Nepali Album is Timro Kasam, directed by Arjun Bhandari. What are you waiting for- Subscribe to the YouTube channel Raag Music Nepal now whilst clicking on the bell icon, to watch as soon as it is released. You’ll be notified if you click bell icon and subscribe here below:

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