Drug Addicts Need Hospital Treatment Rather Than Jailed

Drug Addicts Need Hospital Treatment Rather Than Jailed

Before it would be too late, it’s good to see innocents as innocents. Aryan Khan, who’s just 23 year-old is still in jail. However, note this first. The street value of 3000kg of heroin seized from Mundra Port- Rs.20,000 crores. This means the drug traders, who do drug business should be given punishment in order to protect youngsters from falling prey. Well, there’s no evidence that Aryan Khan was a drug addict. He was told to be in one day custody. He accepted, and from there he’s now in Jail after granted no bail. Further, even if Aryan Khan son of Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan did so then he as one of the drug addicts need hospital treatment at first.

Why this case going no where because it has become political. Since it involves Shah Rukh Khan’s son it’s assumed that something is near to come out from anywhere. “Wait for few days and see”. Say experts. Even Rakhi Sawant said: “If you think yourself a tiger, then why behave like a fox and target young boy”. Many things circulating around this high profile case, where still it’s believed drug addicts need hospital treatment than anything else. If he’s an addict, then why he’s in a healthy state without drugs. Are the people, who arrested him providing drugs to him?

Truth Comes Out, But Too Late

The scenario is whoever it might be one should see a clear picture to say right is right and wrong is wrong. Shah Rukh Khan is suffering along with his wife and the “accused” son Aryan Khan. That’s not an issue. So, as experts say wait for few days, the truth will come out. Hope this turns out not as a political game.

Finally, often in India innocents are jailed, and criminals become political leaders. That’s an issue, you need to think that every innocent troubled is like total inhumane.

By the time the truth comes out Aryan Khan and Shah Rukh Khan will be in deep trouble. Maybe Shah Rukh Khan deserves not what he’s facing. But things will not be the same. In two ways, either enemies win or innocents lose, but at the end things transform towards where? Things will become easy for Aryan Khan or Shah Rukh Khan to believe in truth. That’s the transformation.

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